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For physician

How can a patient share medical data?

  1. Make sure the patient has the HealthNote mobile app open.
  2. Ask to go to the tab: "Share" and choose the access method: QR code or PIN
  3. The patient then scans the QR code below or will enter the PIN.
Ask the patient to scan the QR code
Enter the PIN code provided by patient

Why use Comarch HealthNote?

  • laptop

    Convenience for you and your patients.

    You don't have to create an account or log in. All you have to do is open
  • assessment

    Quick access to patient measurements.

    Patients can enter blood glucose, HbA1c, blood pressure, pulse, body weight, temperature measurements and note alarming symptoms.
  • supervisor_account

    Complete and up to date documentation.

    All documents entered by the patient are sorted chronologically and properly described. You can download the documents you need.

Get to know your patient's medical history

During each appointment the patient can provide documents, examination results and noted symptoms. You don't have to create an account or provide any data to collect them.

Opening the application

The patient who has the application on the phone must open it and go to the Share tab.

Opening the page

You will open the page you are reading on your computer and make it available to the patient.

Scanning the QR code

The information will be shared, when the patient scans the QR code visible on this page. We will automatically redirect you to this data.

Browse your patient's medical records

You have access to complete and up to date data directly on your computer. It is limited only by the duration of the session, but you can download selected documents.